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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Reworld!

In Reworld, players attempt to terraform a newly discovered planet, and to do so, they must use terrabots to establish new towns and shuttles to deliver materials that will populate those locations.

In game terms, over five turns, players fill all five levels of their spaceship with tiles depicting terrabots, shuttles, material ships, and satellites.

Each turn twenty of these tiles are randomly placed around the perimeter of a large ship, and each player receives a hand of cards.

On his turn, a player may play one or more cards to claim a tile by following these rules:

• If no tile adjacent to the desired tile has been claimed, the player may lay any card next to that tile, claim it, and then place it in the leftmost space of their spaceship's level that corresponds to the number of the card played. If you play a 4, for example, you must place this tile in the leftmost position of your fourth level.

• If a tile adjacent to the desired tile has been claimed, then you must deposit a card of the same number as the one used to claim this previous tile or two cards of your choice (these two cards thus serving as jokers). The highest number indicates the level of your spaceship on which you must place this tile.

• If both tiles adjacent to the desired tile have been claimed and the cards used to claim them show the same number, then you do as described above. If the cards have different numbers, however - for example, 1 and 3 - then you must set the same two numbers (1 and 3), a matching number and two other cards, or four cards. You place this tile on your spaceship in the same way as previously desired.

Once everyone has no more cards in their hand or can no longer play, the round ends. Any remaining tiles are discarded, then you reset the board and deal a new hand of cards.

After five turns, players now deploy these tiles to the new planet, each turn playing 1-3 of the leftmost tiles of the row of their choice to create their personal terraformed world.

If you deploy a terrabot, which are labeled A-E, you start a new city with that letter or expand an existing city. Material ships, which come in five colors, can only be delivered to the surface of the planet if they are attached to shuttles, and each city can only have ships of one color.

Satellites provide a bonus score when added to a city. Shuttles and satellites can also be used as shields to protect your fledgling planet.

Players earn points during the first half of the game for picking up terrabots and having cards in hand. During the second half, players score for deploying satellites and for achieving goals set at the start of the game, e.g. having a city with eight tiles, having a city of each letter, clearing a level on your spaceship, having a certain number of shields, etc.

Once all spaceships are empty, players score their final points for how well they developed each city and their shields compared to their fellow terraformers.

Whoever scores the most points wins.

Good day and good game ;)



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