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Hello everyone !

Today, we are going to talk about Touché Poulet!

At the Tonbec farm, the same story is repeated every day; from early morning, the animals covet the eggs from the henhouses before the breeders get their hands on them.

Each player commands one of the four animal armies and earns Ears when he participates in the destruction of an enemy unit.

These Ears can be exchanged on the black market for the coveted eggs!

Rabbits, pigs, moles and roosters: choose your clan and lead it to victory!

The game is played in 2 phases:

-1st phase, Targeting From the 1st player, you will attack with one of your units by placing your Target pawns on the squares of your opponents' Large boards. Use one of your units, apply the effect of the Unit card, then exhaust this card to indicate its use. This phase ends when all players have targeted, i.e. placed their Target tokens.

-2nd phase, the Resolution The moment of truth, each player must announce if one or more shots from the 1st player have hit one or more of their units. Continue with the next player. . If target not reached, place a Crater token. . If hit, flip the Target token, which then becomes an Explosion token. A Unit is destroyed only when all the squares where it is located have been hit. The player then places the destroyed face tile (back side of the tiles currently placed on your Unit cards) on his Grand Board to indicate his loss. The players who participated in its destruction receive the number of ears indicated on the card according to the number of squares affected.

The game ends as soon as a player wins 5 eggs, immediately ending the game. As you will have understood, we are here in the Earth version of the touchdown with the 2.0 improvements brought by the Secret Weapons and the egg hunt as well as by the fact of being able to play with 2/3/4 players.

The interaction is very present, moreover alliances are not prohibited for the time of a few shots so that everyone catches up, while breaking the progress of the player in mind.

A game suitable for the whole family, for explosive games.

Good day and good game ;)



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