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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus from the JJV Offs!

Ali Baba's cave!

Customer "He doesn't look like it  outside your store"

Me "I know, I am like at the bottom of my cave", I say, smiling warmly. To which she responds:

 "Not a cave, Ali Baba's cave, you have lots of beautiful things."

And then another client, at the same time, who said to me: "This is Ali Baba's cave here, you have lots of beautiful nuggets! ".

Teenagers who came to get a board game for a friend:

 "You have lots of cool games here, some you don't see elsewhere."

I thank them and listen to them to better inform them.

Before leaving, they tell me:

"Thank you for your kindness and your advice and especially thank you for listening to us, that does not always happen".

 Listening to the customer is essential, otherwise how can we advise him on the game that suits him or that he wishes to offer?

 I especially appreciate it when my clients come back and enjoy the game I recommended and are delighted "with your advice and your kindness."

Ali Baba's Cave:

 “Place containing various riches. "

What if real wealth was just sharing around a game :)

 Good day and good game ;)


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