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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus from the JJV Offs!

Take it or leave it !

A man one day comes with bags full of board games to the store.

 Although I specify to him that I do not resume the games, he wishes to show them to me "in case you change your mind because there are some for 300 euros in there", he said to me, pointing his finger to his bags of games ...

 To please him, I walk over and look at the games he offers, reminding him that I won't be taking any back anyway, but I'm curious about board games.

So I see that he has some collector games that I had only had the opportunity to see in photos before. Unfortunately his games are in very poor condition, even good for the trash ...

I kindly tell him that he has collectors' games, but given their conditions they're not worth much. What he replies to me:

"If it's a question of price, I can offer you something" he told me with a tense smile before adding "I'm nice, I help you ... I suggest you buy them back 150 euros and give me a voucher of 150 euros to buy games from you ”.

I then confirm to him that it will not be possible and he says to me:

 "Too bad, if you don't see the golden opportunities, it's a shame for you" by putting away his games and leaving unhappy.

Bad luck for mister, I don't just sell board games, I am also a collector and therefore I know a lot of games, even the oldest ones…

For me it will not be to take, but to leave ...

Good day and good game ;)


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