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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Chess: between strategy and instinct.

A memory of chess that has marked me the most are the times when I failed to win.

 When you win, you're happy, but you miss the thrill of difficulty.

Because if, as in life, a game of chess goes by too peacefully, you could end up getting bored.

Chess teaches us to challenge our strategies and make them evolve with the challenges we face.

Because failures are an integral part of our successes.

We can mostly encounter more failures than successes, but we always end up overcoming the difficulties.

Of course we can come across players who cheat and try to break the rules of the game...

So at this time, it is good to move the piece that we had planned aside to be able to counteract this failure.

You can tell by the way everyone has their pawns, if they are playing tricks and going it alone.

And then some go up the towers, looking for a Tempo and find themselves facing a Castling.

 There are bad players, who will believe that they won because they knocked over the game board.

 These same players who will never learn from their failures, will not checkmate and with impossible successes.

Let them believe they are treading on the king, without any purpose since they do not know how to appropriate him wisely.

When we don't stick to our positions, we never remain subdued in the face of failures.

 Good day and good game ;)



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