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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Risk: beginning of diplomacy, or not…

I started playing Risk around 6 years old with a homemade version.

A school planisphere as a board, dice recovered from other games at home, hand-made pawns with cardboard or wood and a whiteboard marker to schematize the conquered territories...

Risk, I had seen it on television and so I created my version to play with my friends on the playground.

 For the table, a cut tree trunk and gym balls as chairs.

Risk is a way to learn the game strategy of conquest of territory and not to spoil anything by the way, we learned by playing countries and capitals. :)

So, is Risk a game of diplomacy?

Child, I believed it, adult, I doubt it…^^

We create alliances sometimes, but these same alliances can end up turning against us.

Because yes, our ultimate goal, to all players, is to win the most territories anyway...

So, we can inadvertently have to conquer a territory and pass on that of an ally... But hey, it's only in the pure chance of the game...^^

As part of the game, everything is allowed as long as we follow the rules of the game. ;)

Risk allows you to think about how to conquer territories without forgetting to keep those you already have.

It's a bit like the challenge of a daily business...

Invite new customers to join the fun adventure and continue to satisfy loyal customers.

You are important to me, and I promise, I won't take any Risks and will remain a diplomat to meet this daily challenge! ;)

Good day and good game ;)



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