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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

The battle: learn to overlap and enter into conflict.

My memory of the battle begins at 3 years old, when I played with my cousins.

No Batawaf or Batanimo at that time, but a good old deck of 32 or 54 cards would do.

In ascending order or by values ​​for Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces and Jokers.

Whoever had the strongest card won both cards in play, or more when there was one battle or multiple battles.

A game of chance, the battle game allows you to gently learn about card games and the battle brings the concept of confrontation with the other player(s).

He gently learns to win and lose and to react to the risk factor of the cards in his hand.

Learning to play by following rules that put all players on an equal footing also allows young children to learn and then enjoy the games.

With the battle, we learn to confront two cards by their values, making win the strongest, but we can also lose stronger cards in the battles.

The setting of the game quite often makes it easier to manage the emotions linked to victory or defeat, because you can take revenge or even have a good time.

A game is sometimes like in life, as Philippe Le Guillou says “Life is a game. You have to know how to lose”.

But whatever happens, as Jack London puts it, “Life is not just about having the right cards in your hand; sometimes it's knowing how to play well with a bad game”.

Good day and good game ;)



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