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What is “The Thousand and One Nights”?

Today we know The Thousand and One Nights as a set that contains 262 tales.

In fact, this collection, assembled by an unknown Egyptian sheikh around 1760, contains both old tales that circulated in his time and tales from the Thousand and One Nights themselves.

We know the principle of the chain of the latter:

Sultan Schahryar, betrayed by his wife, decides never to marry again.Quite quickly his vizier no longer finds a woman living during one night of the favors of the Sultan and who accepts to be executed in the morning.

A daughter of the vizier, Scheherazade, the eldest, decides to devote herself to helping her father out of trouble and also to save all the women.

She is going to tell the Sultan a tale that will not be finished at dawn, and the Sultan, curious to know the rest, will spare her for 1,000 nights.

In the meantime, three children were born, and the Sultan, who appreciated the knowledge and the nobility of Scheherazade, the wife after coming back from his prejudices against women.

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