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Crater Lake and the Battle of the Gods

 The Native American Klamath tribe believed that Crater Lake in Oregon was once a towering mountain called Mazama, on which Llao, the deity ruling the underworld, lived.

 Engaged in an epic battle with Skell, the sky god who reigned over nearby Mount Shasta, Llao rained fire on the lands of the region, but lost the fight.

Skell then caused Mount Mazama to collapse in order to imprison him forever, and sealed his prison by covering it with a lake of bluish reflections.

 This myth actually describes a volcanic eruption that occurred 7,700 years ago, almost forty times more powerful than the terrible cataclysm of Mount Saint Helens in May 1980 according to geologists.

A huge pocket of magma broke the earth's crust, leaving behind a huge crater that gradually filled with rainwater: the famous lake that legend spoke of.

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