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Indians Weren't So "Wild"

Between 500,000 and 600,000 Indians lived beyond the Mississippi when white settlers arrived in the early 19th century.

About 100 tribes could be counted, speaking 375 different languages ​​and practicing agriculture, hunting and fishing.

In the valleys of Missouri and Arkansas, they occupied mud houses in villages. The Pawnees cultivated corn. The Sioux, the Cheyennes and the Comanches hunted bison.

The whites made them sign treaties to settle in their homes, but did not respect their terms, which sparked Indian revolts.

Merciless warriors - they scalped their victims - Indians often displayed courage and self-sacrifice. Between 1866 and 1891, they lost nearly 4,000 combatants, while 932 American soldiers were killed and over a thousand wounded.

Unlike bandits and marshalls at times, Indians rarely attacked stagecoaches or convoys.

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