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Indians weren't always beaten by cavalry

It is a classic of westerns: the attack of hundreds of Indians against United States soldiers.

A somewhat epic take on history, as the Amerindians, less armed and often fewer in number, preferred guerrilla warfare to pitched battles.

Thus, the Sioux lakotas multiplied the skirmishes against the Whites when the cohabitation treaties were not respected.

Overwhelmed by the scale of the attacks, Northerner General Sheridan had to leave their territory in 1868.

But intrusions into the sacred Lakota Mountains resumed in 1874 following the discovery of gold.

The authorities attempted to buy these lands from the Indians, who refused.

On June 25, 1876, Custer's 7th Cavalry Regiment faced the Lakota, allied with the Cheyennes, at the Battle of Little Bighorn; Custer and 263 soldiers perished there.

This Indian victory remains a pride for the community and has inspired many books and films, including The Fantastic Charge (1941).

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