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Hello everyone ! Who was Buffalo Bill really?

In the West, when legend outweighs reality, the legend is printed. "

This provocative line comes from a journalist in John Ford's western The Man Who Killed Liberty Valence (1962).

It applies perfectly to Buffalo Bill, the most famous character of the Old West.

The most famous, but also the most controversial ...

Icon of the cowboy with his long hair, his beautiful mustaches, his Stetson and his fringed tunics, William Cody owes much his popularity to accommodations with reality, even to pure and simple inventions, which transformed a bison killer. as an epic hero.

Because this guide appreciated by the colonists and the army proved to be a sacred storyteller and an extraordinary director of the stories that the cowboys told each other at the vigil, whether they were fighting against the Indians or cavalry charges.

William Cody challenges another US Army scout named Billy Comstock. It's about slaughtering as many bison as possible in a day, without ever dismounting.

This competition, organized by newspapers, takes place in front of a hundred spectators who came by special train. Cody manages to kill 38 beasts in the first round, then 18 and 13 more.

Final score: 69 for Cody, against 46 for Comstock.

From then on, we only call him Buffalo Bill.

Good day and good game ;)



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