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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about the Yellow Dwarf!

The Yellow Dwarf game is played by 3 to 8 players for 30 minutes where you earn tokens by getting rid of your cards as quickly as possible.

The goal of the Yellow Dwarf game is to win tokens by getting rid of his cards as quickly as possible, discarding them in ascending order by performing suits ranging from ace to king, without worrying about the color.

A game is usually played over several rounds. At the start of the game, the players all have an equivalent betting token value.


Each player is distributed tokens for a minimum value of 50.

 The following values ​​are most often given to the tokens: 1 for the circles, 5 for the small rectangles and 10 for the large rectangles.

At the start of a Yellow Dwarf round:

Players place their tokens in the bowls on the board, for values ​​of:

 1 to 10 of diamonds,
 2 to the Jack of Clubs,
 3 to the queen of spades,
 4 to the King of Hearts,
 5 to the Yellow Dwarf (the 7 of diamonds).
The 52 cards of the game (without the jokers) are distributed to the players:
 at 3, 15 cards per player and 7 on the heel,
 at 4, 12 cards per player and 4 on the heel,
 5, 9 cards per player and 7 on the heel,
 6, 8 cards per player and 4 on the heel,
 7, 7 cards per player and 3 on the heel,
 at 8, 6 cards per player and 4 on the heel.

Players must discard their cards in ascending order (from Ace to King), without color distinction (a 5 of spades can follow a 4 of diamonds).

Designate the player who will start the game (the youngest player, the tallest or by drawing lots...).

This first player, the dealer, begins the round by starting an increasing sequence and by announcing the cards "5, 6, 7, 8...".


When he can no longer extend his sequence of cards, he announces the missing card: "5, 6, 7, 8, without 9" and passes the hand.

His neighbor on the left continues the sequence until he can no longer complete it: "9, 10, jack, no queen".

The player who arrives at the King can start a new sequence from any card.

When a player shows a card present on the Yellow Dwarf board (10 of diamonds, Jack of clubs, Queen of spades, King of hearts or 7 of diamonds), he announces it and pockets the bet present in the corresponding bowl.

 If a player forgets to pocket his bet or does not have the opportunity to place his bet card(s), he must double the bet in the bowl at the end of the round.

To win a game of Yellow Dwarf you have to win as many tokens as possible.

You can earn tokens:

 by placing and announcing a card from the board,
 finishing the round first. A round ends when a player has gotten rid of all his cards.
The other players must then give him as many tokens as the sum of the card values ​​remaining in their hand; knowing that the values ​​of the cards are:
  Ace, King, Queen, Jack = 10 points
 10 to 2 = Value of the card (8 points for the eight, 7 points for the 7...)

When a player can no longer place bets at the start of the round, he leaves the game.

When the first player scrolls through all his cards at once, he performs the "Grand Opera".

A rare but profitable move, the player then recovers all the chips bet on the Yellow Dwarf board and the other players must give him the value of their hands in chips, enough to upset more than one!


Good day and good game ;)



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