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Hello everyone !

Today we are going to talk about Mot Malin!

Mot Malin is a deduction and cooperation game for 2 to 6 players and about 10 minutes where your coordinates are only a word away.

Mot Malin is a deduction and cooperation game using clue words.

We place the numbers and letters to create a table, then the coordinate cards in their place.

 What link will you find between “Bear” and “Doctor” so that your teammates find your coordinates?

 You found ?

We could give the clue word “Veterinarian” because it is a doctor for animals.

After announcing your clue word, hope the team finds the link and contact information for your clue!

 If your team finds the correct coordinates, we place the map that is there upside down to signal that the location is taken.

If your team can't find your coordinates, we turn the card over.

It will no longer be possible to make words corresponding to these coordinates become.

The ideal would be to find all the coordinates of each one.

Will you be able to do the maximum?

The replayability of Mot Malin is strong since the 50 Word cards, to be slid into each column and row, have two words per card and are double-sided.

In Easy or Expert mode, the composition of the grid is never the same and allows players to challenge their level regularly.

In addition, different players will not think of the same associations of ideas.

It will take cohesion, reflection and speed to meet the Smart Word challenge.

Good day and good game ;)



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