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What's an animation?

On 26/11/2018 0

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How about talking about animation?

Not sure what it is?

Good thing we have the answers to your questions so don't hesitate to ask more if you have any left;)

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What is an animation?

An animation is a friendly moment that we share around the discovery of games.

We meet other expert or novice players.

We play, we laugh.

In short, we let go and relax :)

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What are we doing there?

You can (re) discover various board games, party games, board games, strategy, cards and many more :)

We meet with other players to share good times :)

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It's used for?

Give yourself a break, a playful break around a game.

Have fun together around the same rules to share good times and bond. :)

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Are board games only for children?

We all have the image of the classic games we played as children, but since the world of board games has evolved a lot ...

Now, a lot of games are made to play with family and also between adults. :)

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Questions? Want to discover the games?

Just want to play and relax?

You can come and play with us twice a month for children or teenagers and twice a month for adults or as a family.

The dates of the events are displayed in our events :)

See you soon ;)

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