Don't be afraid to play the Halloween game!

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Hello everyone ! The Halloween game is now over!

Thank you all for your participation in the game;)

We hope you get more and that the winners will like the surprises;)

The winners of the games will be announced this afternoon. Remember you can come today and tomorrow morning with your kids in costume to collect the Halloween surprise! :)

 Good day and good game ;)


Here are the answers to the questions in the Halloween game:

Thursday October 21: Emile Zola was born in 1840 and Edith Piaf in 1915; Michael Jackson lived 50 years and Mitterrand 79, Nino Ferrer died in 1998 and Patrick Swayze in 2009.

Friday October 22: Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 and Edith Piaf in 1915; Michael Jackson lived 50 years and Mitterrand 79, Voltaire died in 1779 and Steve Jobs in 2011.

Saturday October 23: Marcel Pagnol was born in 1895 and Maria Callas in 1923; Buffalo Bill lived 70 years and Albert Einstein 76, Bourvil died in 1970 and Joan of Arc in 1431.

Sunday October 24: John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in 1917 and John Lennon in 1940; Lady Diana lived 36 years and Johnny Hallyday 74 years, Ayrton Senna died in 1994 and Jeanne Calment in 1997.

Monday October 25: Carlos was born in 1943 and C. Jérôme in 1946; Mother Teresa lived 87 years and Yuri Gagarin 34 years old, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry died in 1944 and Martin Luther King in 1968.

Tuesday October 26: Marylin Monroe was born in 1926 and Serge Gainsbourg in 1928; Marie Curie lived 66 years and Molière 51 years, Coco Chanel died in 1971 and René Gosciny in 1977.

Wednesday October 27: Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 and Raymond Poulidor in 1936; Yves Saint-Laurent lived 71 years and Bob Marley 36 years old, Jacques Chirac died in 2019 and Jean Moulin in 1943.

Thursday October 28: Grace Kelly was born in November 1929 and Jacques Brel in April 1929; Georges Sand lived 71 years and Charles de Gaulles 79 years, Dalida died in 1987 and Charlie Chaplin in 1977.


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