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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of the JJV Offs!


You will certainly hear more or less good things about the store depending on who tells you about it.

Reviews that aim to destroy the store completely indifferent to me, because I know that those who really know me know how I work and why I do it...

The opinion of my loyal customers and close acquaintances is important to me, because it allows me to take into account another constructive point of view.

One thing is certain though. I think you have to respond to wickedness with patience.

Even if someone tries to discredit my store, I will continue to maintain its integrity and refer customers, even to people who try to give it a bad name.

Why ? Quite simply because I prefer to go against the current than against the heart…

It's not in my nature to try to hurt others on purpose.

I think that with even little bits of kindness here and there, we cannot change the world but contribute to making it a little better for us and those around us.

Some will say I'm naive...

No matter, the reciprocity of malicious acts will never happen from me!

I sincerely wish that everyone who undertakes something that is close to their heart succeeds.

Quite simply because I am like that and you cannot go against your true nature.

It is with this state of mind that I run my shop on a daily basis...

Good day and good game ;)


joue le jeu vaison offs

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