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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of the JJV Offs!

A smile can change everything.

A while ago, I realized the positive impact one could have on people without even realizing it…

A client had just gone through difficult times and I listened to her as sincerely and peacefully as I could, without judgment, without advice, just giving her a sympathetic ear.

When she finished confiding, she thanked me for listening to her and I just smiled with kindness and compassion.

She then said to me “You know, a smile can change everything”.

And yes, being a local business and knowing its customers well, it allows you to be attentive and caring towards them even when it does not concern sales.

I am above all human, well before being a trader.

When you see that a kind ear and a reassuring smile can help, it's not much, but it's always a nice thing to offer.

Good day to you and good game ;)


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