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Hello everyone !

 Welcome to a new episode of JJV Offs!

 Rich in humanity!

 "It's nice to come and buy your games from someone nice and attentive, because unfortunately that gets lost in today's world. "

 "You have original and interesting games in your store, that's why I come to you every time. "

 "I waited on purpose for you to come back from vacation to take my package to your home, because you are a welcoming and pleasant person. " 

"Your little shop is pretty. In addition your site is well done and well referenced. "

_A client who works for a global giant in site creation and SEO. 

A client who hears people walking by and saying:

"There's never anyone in this store," sneered. 

The client looks at them strangely and says:

"Do you have a lot of them like that?"

  Me "Yes, but we learn to deal with ..." with a smile of thanks.

 Client "They have nothing in their head" smiling back at me and adding "Especially you're lovely and helpful". 

"I want to be rich in humanity, so that I can tip it" Soprano.

Tips: your smiles and our daily interactions, for the rest, the right people know what we do on a daily basis;)

 Thank you all for being wonderful you! ;) 

Good day and good game ;)   


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