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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus from the JJV Offs!

Everything becomes clearer

Throughout the preparation for the creation of the store, there were ups and downs ...

The support of the CCI was decisive in my business creation project and I cannot thank them enough for that.

During a CCI workshop for business creation support and advice, we had to present our project in two minutes flat.

 I presented the creation of the board game store as a project to bring people together.

I saw the game animations as a moment of initiation and sharing of playful moments.

 And as a convenience store, useful services to take over from certain services that were to come to an end.

Claire, the CCI advisor, congratulated my project and welcomed my promises of pre-opening.

I can say with pride that I stuck to my goals and promises of four years ago.

 The female success trophy came to congratulate my flexibility during the crisis with the agility trophy and special congratulations from the members of the jury for my nominations in the agility, digital, originality and benevolence categories.

The smile that touched me the most that day during my acceptance speech was that of Claire from the CCI and her adorable phrase "promises kept"

Good day and good game ;)


joue le jeu vaison offs

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