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From the middle ages to modern times

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The more popular toys and games became, the more new games were created.

In 1638, the first casino opened in Venice on the grand canal.

It still exists today.

Created with a desire to learn more about antique dice and card games, we can say that the bet is fulfilled.

Canaletto palazzo loredan vendramin calergi


The rise of printing contributed to the birth and development of card games.

In 1370, the first card game was born.

They are in oval shapes and do not look the same as our current games.

Jeucartesancien19eme 1


The first board games and more modern card games arrive at the end of the 19th-early 20th century.

In 1890, the Whist gave way to bridge.

La Belotte was created in 1914 by Mr. Belot who himself established the first rules.

Tourel regles des jeux belotte manille piquet poker whist bridge baccara l ecarte livre ancien 971041425 l

The first monopoly appeared in 1935 and was popularized much later in France.

This is the start of the era of modern games, be they boards, cards or dice.

The famous scrabble and 1000 terminals appeared in 1950 and 1954 respectively.

Original patent for monopoly board game square edward fieldingSpears scrabble game mid 1950 39 s 700 600 5u55lMilleborne1954












In 1971, another revolution was underway.

With Chainmail, the first role-playing games emerge in turn.

These famous war games with fantastic creatures that another generation is keen on.




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