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  The medieval beginnings of the Mafia can be traced back to an event in 1343.

 The conditions of the bloodthirsty looting, in January 1343, of a Genoese ship loaded with food in the Bay of Naples at the time of a terrible famine was revealing of the beginnings of this Neapolitan mafia.  

 The roots of this violence go back to Naples in the Late Middle Ages, followed by changes from the 12th to the 14th century.    

The noble families of the Neapolitan city were granted large parts of the social, political and religious control of the city during its annexation to the Norman kingdom of Sicily.  

These clans formed the seggi, groups organized by neighborhood which consolidated themselves despite dynastic changes by imposing a system of values ​​based on an explosive mixture of honor, violence and clienteles.  

 The Neapolitan chieftains also got richer on good terms with the merchant-bankers of Florence.  

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