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Hello everyone !

In 2022, a new golden ace will appear at the Cannes International Games Festival.

The "Initiated" golden ace which rewards a game that is aimed at an audience accustomed to playing, turning to games with more elaborate mechanisms.

The rules require more attention, the set-up of the game is precise and the games can exceed one hour.

Living Forest is the first to win this award and ushers in a long list of future award-winning games that will follow it.

Throughout its evolution, the world of board games has been able to reinvent itself to celebrate more than 30 years of golden aces and Spiel des Jahres.

Children, beginners, insiders or experts, the world of board games has not finished surprising us.

Thank you to all these illustrators, creators, distributors and creators of fun content who bring a common passion to life.

Good day and good game ;)



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