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Thanks for these 5 first years!

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5 years that you have been part of the daily life of the store!

To begin with, thank you for that, thank you for everything!

2018: Together, we vibrated in blue and saw France win the World Cup for the second time!

2019: Together, we continued to animate the playful world in Vaison and its surroundings!

2020: Together, we discovered more and more fun nuggets, including Vanagloria, the card game!

2021: Together, we got through the crisis with agility thanks to your solidarity and our enthusiasm for games!

2022: Together, we play serenely, in lively festivals, even more passionately.

2023: Together, in Vaison and elsewhere ;), we Play the Game every day, from animation to animation, game after game, day after day, year after year!



5 joue jeu vaison anniversary

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