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In What else?


Hello everyone !

We're back and we have lots of new things for you!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Jokers!

Discover the Jokers, your loyalty points win on your dematerialized card thanks to the Fydl application downloadable for IOS and Android.

10 euros spent at the store will earn you 1 Joker. After 10 Jokers, you benefit from an immediate discount on your next purchases. And it's valid all year round at the physical store and online and even on personalized orders ;)

Thank you for your loyalty and to your Jokers!


Service vouchers

From today you can buy 5 and 10 euro vouchers for photocopies and cyberspace.

This allows you to have an advance credit for your copies and/or your moments on the computer.

No need to think about change anymore, with your service voucher, you have advance credit for our services.

Do not hesitate to ask us in store for the purchase of a service voucher.


Gift vouchers

From today, we offer you gift vouchers to offer to your loved ones!

You choose the amount, you pay your voucher and we give you either the card with the gift voucher to offer or its digital format by email. You choose the option that best suits you.

Gift vouchers are valid in store and on the online sales site.

For the purchase of a gift voucher online, please contact us to agree on the personalization of your gift voucher usable in store and on the site.


Kadeos Endered

Do you have Kadeos Endered titles?

That's good from today you can use them with us!

To please or have fun and enjoy playful nuggets.


Here are some small new features, which we hope you will like.

Good day and good game ;)


joue jeu vaison jokers JJV

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