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Hello everyone !

To begin with, like all holidays, the store will be closed on Tuesday August 15th only.

However, I regret to inform you that access to cyberspace will be possible for the last time until Saturday, September 2 at 12:30 p.m. inclusive.

I was satisfied to be able to offer you a useful space and I am sorry that I can no longer make it available to you following various degradations such as:

- broken screens or keyboards,

- deliberately cut printer wires,

- deliberate damage to the printer and the furniture containing the computer equipment.

- or insults or threatening behavior related to circumstances that are not my fault (mobile network and Internet cut).

I therefore only offer the following services from Monday, September 4, 2023:

- Black and white photocopies (0.20€ per page) and colors (0.40€ per page).

- Scanning of documents to your email or to your USB key (0.30€ per page).

- Relay Pick Up (Chronopost, Colissimo and DPD).

- Nannybag luggage storage (with online reservation and payment on the Nannybag website).

Still no impression by email, whats' app or other.

Thanks to Lolita Lempika and the people degrading the hardware for putting the deathblow to cyberspace.

I think a lot of people will thank you...

Thank you for your understanding and see you very soon at the store and in animation!

And above all, thank you to all my wonderful customers on a daily basis, whether they come for the games, entertainment or services!

Good day to all and good game.


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