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Hello everyone !

So I have some thanks to give and I will save the best people for another post because we always save the best for last ;)

So let's start with my fan club which we don't know about ^^:

- if you didn't like the new products last time AJ & Co. you should tell me rather than giving me 1 out of 5 on Google. :) And who knows, try to see if there isn't something you might like in it, or come see me so I can explain them to you, it's even better ;)

- on several Google files of other traders with famous ratings, we can see that they too suddenly became racist at the same time as me, like that, poof, overnight! :) What a coincidence ! ;)

- on the other hand, if because I don't have the Internet I am racist, my advice is still good despite everything, but is no longer so when you have to buy a game with a voucher that they offer you. :) That’s good, you will only be able to use them elsewhere this year only. ;)

- no intimidation, insults and harassment are not “normal” my dear AJ & Co., that’s what it says! Whether it happens to teenagers or adults, I would NEVER be on the side of the bullies! And 6 years like that really and without taking revenge, that’s resilience!  Well done Play the Game Vaison! :)

-well done my dear AJ & Co. you got a little word from me in return, which I know you won't like. :) Enjoy it my dear AJ & Co., it's your glory day ;) I don't like your actions and words either, but I'll live with it ;).

As I told you face to face at the store (because no, I don't need to sneak up on you ;) ), I wouldn't retort, I'm not like you and that would be okay. the importance in the life of my business that you do not have. ;)

Thank you to these people who allowed me to grow through the trials they put me through and continue to put me through. ;)

For teenagers and people who experience harassment or meanness or jealousy, you don't have any of the problems that these people like to invent for you!

You will always only be put down by people who don't feel good about themselves and envy your strength or simply the person you are who force them to confront the problems they have and don't want to solve. …

If you think they are your friends, they are not, friends support you and don't tear you down.

Believe in yourself because you deserve it! I believe in you and I like to see you carry out the projects that are important to you ;)

It was important that I dot the i's, not for myself, but for those who suffer and who remain silent.



6 joue jeu vaison ans

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