Joue le jeu vaison

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Shabadabada, wanna sing?

Hello everyone!

Hope you still had a good weekend despite the events :(

Today we play with the word "together" not to forget to remain united in the trials, courage to all the independents and small businesses, small craftsmen and all those who are impacted by the closure of establishments.

Thank you to all caregivers and support staff for their courage and dedication ...

Regarding board games, your stores often have online sales sites and can offer you to collect your orders from the store in drive format, we are one of them:

With the word "together" I would sing well "Together, together, together. Together, together, together
We don't need much as long as we're together, together, together" and you, what are you singing?

Happy Monday everyone :)


shabadabada wanna sing joue jeu