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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

Ludo partners

Since the beginning of the store, we have started working with toy libraries and ludobuses.

 We do our best to try to be a player in the playful world on our small shop scale...

Contributing to providing games for toy libraries and ludobuses allows us to discover "fashionable" games, but not only...

Many independent publishers go through small shops like us to test and introduce their games to the public.

 But we don't just provide games to our partners, sometimes moments of game animations slip in here and there ;)

Who says games from small publishers, says discovery of fun nuggets for you to discover ourselves!

So we sacrifice ourselves, and we play the game to make you discover less known and interesting games. ;)

You may have tried it in the nearest toy library or the mobile toy bus that passed by your house...

If the gaming world has reached you, then we are delighted. ;)

Good day and good game ;)


joue le jeu vaison offs

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