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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of the JJV Offs!


For me, a game is much more than a commercial object!

It is above all a tool that allows players to share a good time together with more or less complicated games according to our playful desire of the moment.

It allows you to manage resources, conquer territories, get the atmosphere, investigate various themes, cultivate your curiosity, stimulate your thinking, play roles and many other things...

Playing since my youngest age and having at heart to share and share fun moments of sharing, testing the games to better present them to you is a great opportunity for me.

I'm always delighted when we share good times around games and the fun world and that "it's nice to see passionate people like you" and me;)

Thank you for these good moments of playful sharing on a daily basis, stay as you are, it suits you so well :)

Good day and good game ;)


joue le jeu vaison offs

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