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Hello everyone !    

Welcome to a new opus from the JJV Offs!

  In Vaison we don't like board games ...  

Before opening the store four years ago, I was advised to do a "define your business plan" workshop.  

 I do like all the other candidates for a business opening, and I tell about my plan to open a store selling board games in Vaison.    

The business advisor tells me that my project is doomed to failure and that board games cannot work in Vaison and its surroundings ...  

 She even adds that the daughter of a friend of hers tried to get a license and a room back in Vaison, but was refused.

  It chilled me a bit at the time ...  

But I struggled to open the store and start this wonderful adventure which continues for another 3 and a half years later thanks to you ;)  

 Her friend's daughter ended up finding a place in Vaison and I wish her to continue working in spite of everything ...  

If you believe in your project, try ... It is better to have remorse than regret. :)  

If I had let myself be demoralized and given up by then, we would not have shared those beautiful playful years ...  

 So if you follow me again and again in the fun adventure, I intend to accompany you there for a while;)  

Good day and good game ;)


joue le jeu vaison offs

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