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Hello everyone !

 Welcome to a new opus from the JJV Offs!  

Over the centuries, population migrations have always taken place and the Middle Ages were no exception ...  

Just as the good King René of Anjou did to find his second wife, I came to settle down for love as well.  

King René of Anjou to contribute in medieval times to the development of Angers, Avignon, Tarascon and Aix en Provence.

Although he was the count, René I of Anjou was nevertheless nicknamed "the good king" in Provence.

 All the testimonies agree to say that "King René" carried Provence in his heart.  

Anyone who loved hunting, fishing, painting or writing novels and poems spent the last ten years of his life there, playing the patronage or embellishing Tarascon or Aix-en-Provence.

 René undertakes major works in Provence: irrigation in the Luberon and the Durance plain.

He built the Bonde pond dam, one of the first in France.

René is doing major work on the port of Marseille, mutilated by the Catalans, such as destroying the Maubert Tower, at the entrance to the Port, which he replaces with the Saint-Jean Tower so named because it adjoins the establishment of the Hospitallers.

At the end of King René's life, Provence is programmed to become French.

 We may not be from a region but love it just as much as our region of origin, just as King René d'Anjou did and as I love Vaison as much as my home town Angers; )  

Good day and good game ;)


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