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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of “Offs du JJV”!

June 2019, one year with you!

During the one year of the store, I was delighted to see my fifty guests on different playing times and to be able to offer them games such as Shabadabada or Contrario.

Each team was keen to win and above all to have fun together.

I always have at heart to share with you and to share playful moments with you.

Because the playful world is full of moments shared around various and varied games.

Tonight my clients are going to play games of atmosphere, strategy, resources, etc...

No matter your style of play, the times spent together are the ones we always remember.

I remember my first game night where I was quite impressed, because 35 players anyway…^^

The last time I had been MDJ for 35 people (game master), it was with my animation colleagues and we had a good evening!

Because yes the animators can be very playful…^^ It is certainly from the animation that I drew part of my enthusiasm in addition to my experience. ;)

For me, these are those moments of animation that I still share with my animation colleagues, during playtime with you and with my friends that I cherish.

I know for many of my clients who you will spend the evening with whether it is tonight or with colleagues and friends throughout the year and what types of games you will be playing. :)

So I wish you tonight to enjoy all these unique moments with your loved ones (around a game or not;))

Happy New Year's Eve, have a nice day and have a good game ;)



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