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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of the JJV Offs!

My happiness is hidden in the little things we share together.

Curious and passionate player, I like to unearth playful nuggets to be able to share them with you during playtime or make you discover them at the store.

Because sharing my passion for games with you enriches me as much as you do. You're not the only ones discovering things.

I really appreciate when you also make me discover games that have escaped my radar as a curious player. :)

Because yes, it must be said, with a year between 1000 and 1500 minimum games that come out, we humanly cannot know everything ^^.

With other passionate players, whether professional or avid gamers, we each play games that focus on our own interests.

We can thus discover even more novelties and make them discover to be able to make you discover always more playful novelties.

Because beyond just playing a board game, the moments we share together are all unique.

Because no player and no game is alike, the moments shared around board games are irreplaceable.


Whether I'm playing with other expert players, curious gamers, or beginners, I love sharing with you.

Introducing board games does not scare me, because every beginner player can also find a game that allows them to have fun with other players.

I also like to share very strategic games with my expert players! I also like games that beat you up ;)

Hey, as part of the game, we have the right! ;)

But through all this variety of games and possible games, what I appreciate above all is to share unique moments with you!

The moments shared with you, around a game, or services are my daily extras, so thank you!



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