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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of the JJV Offs!

Unforgettable moments around board games!

I have the chance to work in a fun and attractive field all year round.

The hardest times are when I sacrifice myself to discover new games so that I can introduce you to them and share them with you afterwards.

Being forced to play to discover new games while having fun with friends and colleagues, it does not look like it but it is exhausting. ;)

Friends, colleagues of the moment during special events, I evolve in an environment where people are all a little crazy like me (you have to to play all these magnificent games ^^).

From one-off moments to moments that recur every year with fad teams, I am overwhelmed.

Great fun teams who are committed to spreading the fun world of board games everywhere we go.

Be careful, toy librarians and gamers of all kinds are on their way to torture you and make you discover fun nuggets throughout the year in France and elsewhere;)

Good day and good game ;)



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