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Hello everyone !

Welcome to a new opus of the JJV Offs!

Playful pixies.

During the Christmas period, we offer manual workshops and free games for all children from 4 years old every Sunday in December before Christmas.

In addition to the workshops, I become a playful elf by volunteering play time with children in Vaucluse, Drôme and Gard before Christmas.

After Christmas, my role as a playful elf continues somewhat during the Suns of Winter games and manual workshops offered by the town hall of Angers.

It is important for me, at Christmas even more than at other times, to bring a smile to the faces of the children that we make play with my former colleagues from the town hall and the other volunteers.

It was my former colleagues who pushed me to tell you about the volunteer work I do, otherwise I would not have mentioned the subject.

Either way, my role as a playful elf brings me a lot of human joy.  

The smile of children and families is the greatest thank you we can receive.

Thank you again to all the volunteers in the fun world and all the volunteers in general, you are on top ;)

Good day and good game ;)



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