• Reopening at normal hours!

    Hello everyone!

    From Monday March 22, we return to our usual hours and will therefore reopen until 6.30 p.m. instead of the 6 p.m. of the old curfew.

    Thank you to everyone for your support and the fun moments we share every day.

    We are wholeheartedly with our sisters and brothers who are business leaders and all the people who cannot work optimally because of the confinement.

    Thank you to everyone who battles the virus every day and makes our life as secure as possible.

    Have a good weekend everyone! Good game ;)

  • We welcome you again on Saturday November 28!

    Hello everyone! :)

    From Saturday November 28, we will be able to welcome you again at the store on our usual hours :)

    We will respect and ask you to respect the same rules as during the first deconfinement:

    - Wear the mask inside the store.

    - A maximum of 2 people at the same time.

    - A sense of movement in the store.

    - Wait at the yellow sign at the entrance if we already have a person at the counter.

    - Wait until we present the games to you.


    Services can resume with:

    - Still 2 positions available instead of 3 for social distancing.

    - Disinfected packages at each customer and delivery depot.

    - The door handles disinfected regularly.

    - Cyberspace workstations and furniture disinfected after each customer.

    We will keep the "in-store pick-up" service which has proven to be very useful and will remain so for customers in a hurry;)

    Do not hesitate to come back to see us in store for direct advice and to discover all the new arrivals in store;)

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to all of you for your little words, your smiles and your daily support, confinement or not. :)

    See you soon and thank you for playing and continuing to play the game;)