• JJV's Offs


    Hello everyone !

    Welcome to this new opus of "Off du JJV"!

    In addition to winning the agility trophy rewarding our company for having succeeded in reacting positively and developing in the face of the crisis, I was also nominated in three other categories:

    Originality: which rewards women who work in a predominantly male profession (won by Adrienne PHILIPPE, Distrigaz Provence).

    Digital: which rewards strong action to digitize the offer. (won by Myriam DUGNAS, Petit Léon)

    Benevolence: which rewards a company that has distinguished itself during the pandemic (won by Christine PEDDITZI, CP + Commercial Development).

    Let’s not forget the creation trophy which rewards a company created in 2020 and which was won by Claire BOTTARO, Fée O ’Naturel.

    And two favorites from the jury for Valérie GUILLEMOT, Orient'action - Valerie Guillemot Conseil Carrière et Compétences and Adrienne BOULAY, Oh my Deuche, 2cv rental - Escapades en Provence.

    Congratulations to all the winners and also to all the participants!

    Good luck to all of France's business leaders in this complicated period, don't give up, our French businesses are so beautiful!

    Good day and good game ;)



  • JJV's Offs

    Hello everyone !

    Welcome to our new opus "JJV's Offs".

    Before opening the store, I worked in commerce.

    Then especially in animation, where I lived very good years with children and by organizing intergenerational games libraries and many others ... :)

    This desire to share moments around board games with you therefore stems from those years of animation and a passion for games since I was five years old. :)

    Animation has been one of the greatest work experiences in my life. :)

    I liked the fun and festive side, sharing and discussing with children and their families and above all I liked offering various and varied activities, like robotics in this photo! :)

    Good day and good game ;)