Joue le jeu vaison

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Did you know?

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about the 9 hole merelle.

Better known nowadays under the name of small square, mill or 9 hole game, it is a game that comes to us from Celtic antiquity.

He has experienced several revivals of interest in history, particularly in the Middle Ages and today.

The two players each have nine pawns which they enter in turn on any intersection of the board.

Each time one of them succeeds in aligning three pawns, he has the right to remove one of his opponent's pieces, except those which are already in an alignment of three.

When all the pawns are in play, the game continues by alternately moving a pawn to an adjacent empty intersection, and striving to re-align.

When one of the players has succeeded in blocking his opponent, so that he can no longer make a move, or when he has taken all his pawns except two, he wins.

Have a nice day, thank you and let's be careful. Have a good game;)



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