Joue le jeu vaison

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Did you know?

 Hello everybody!

The senet (or zénet) is the most famous game of ancient Egypt.

He would have helped to prepare the passage of the deceased in the afterlife.

There are many representations engraved or painted on the walls of the tombs: images of characters playing, seated in front of their gaming tables.

We played two.

The ten game pawns (5 of each color for each player) were placed on the board by alternating one pawn of each color on the first 10 squares of the game (30 squares in total).

We threw the 4 astragals (small sticks that served as dice) then we advanced the number of sticks on the rounded or colored side (depending on the ages of the game).

The first player to get all these pawns out wins the game.

There were five special boxes that acted as traps. An ancestor of the game of goose and small horses?

Good day to you all. Take care of your loved ones and yourself.



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