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A thousand kilometers, from Paris to Menton

This time, we are in 1954. Edmond Dujardin is a printer specializing in material for driving schools.

In his Arcachon cellar, he imagines this game whose title refers to the 996 kilometers between Paris and Menton by the National 7, the holiday route.

Seven years earlier, he had created another game, The Highway, where you had to pass your license, complete a course and arrive first at a wedding.

But, in the 1950s, there was La Canasta (The Basket), a card game from Uruguay, itself probably inspired by Touring, born in the United States in 1906.

Just in return, the Mille Bornes, in French in the text, works very well in the United States.

 Made in France, it has sold nearly 15 million copies.

 300 to 400,000 Dujardin Games boxes are still sold each year.

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