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Hello everyone !

The Cannes International Games Festival took place for the first time from February 7 to 16, 1986!

The IGF brought together bridge, chess, tarot, checkers, Scrabble and Go tournaments.

It then hosted the Women's Ladies World Championship with 16 players from 10 different countries.

A bridge match between the Martell team, France, and Italy. The “Cannes Masters” of chess opposing 10 of the best chess players in the world.  

At the IGF in 1986, we could then face champions such as -Victor Korchnoï, international grand master of chess in 1956 and for more than thirty years.

-the Martell team, the French bridge team at the time.

-Michel Duguet, French-speaking Scrabble champion.

-Tom Sinjbrands, ex Ladies World Champion.

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