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Hello everyone !

Products from the Americas.

Tomato, potato, squash, bean, corn, peanut, pepper, cocoa, vanilla, pineapple... turkey, all these products were unknown in Europe, Asia and Africa before the discovery of America in 1492, by Christopher Colombus.

Our food memory is very short.

It is often limited to flavors and products discovered in childhood.

 If we make an effort, we go back to a "very distant past", that is to say only to the childhood memories of our grandparents.

 This is why the cuisine of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century seems to us to be a cuisine that has always existed, the one that our ancestors have always eaten since "the dawn of time".

Most of us are then very surprised to learn that our famous local products are sometimes a recent invention on a historical scale.

Can you imagine Mediterranean cuisine without tomatoes or zucchini? Savoyard cuisine without potatoes? Indian cuisine without chilli? African cuisine without cassava?

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