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The flood

The myth of Noah's Ark was actually inspired by a Mesopotamian saga dating back to the 7th century BC: the Epic of Gilgamesh.

In it, many gods plan to destroy the world.

Ea is one of them, and asks a man named Utu-napishtim to build a boat and take his family and a host of animals there in order to survive the cataclysm.

A legend that is once again inspired by very real events.

 According to many geologists, the Black Sea gradually dried up and turned into a freshwater lake below sea level as a result of an ice age that began 11,500 years ago.

When sea level rose as a result of the melting ice, the Mediterranean passed the threshold of the Bosporus and flowed into the Black Sea, causing its level to rise 150 meters in two years: a deluge that inundated more of 100,000 km² of land and pushed the local populations into exile.

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