Deadlines, the ideal game for Halloween!

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Hello everyone !

This month, for halloween, we are going to explain an additional game to you and that game will be Deadlines!

Deadlines is a game of both atmosphere and general culture, to play with family or friends!

Overall, you will have to classify known characters according to their date of birth, length of life, and date of death.

Concretely, how do you play it?

Already, you have to be between 1 and 10, and be over 12 years old (otherwise it's less interesting).

You will have to place the three cards "date of birth", "length of life", and "date of death" below the three piles that you have previously formed with the remaining 200 cards.

Place a personality card below the first three cards.

From this point on, the players take their turn as follows:

- Choose one of the cards that is on the three piles.

-Choose one of the three columns (date of birth, for example).

Take the card, without turning it over, and put it in the right place in the selected column, before, after, or between the cards already placed. When turning the card over, there are two scenarios.

Either the card is well placed, in which case it stays in the column and increases the difficulty of the game, or it is not well placed.

In this second case, the player who placed it gets it back in hand. It is a mistake.

The game ends when twelve cards have been placed in each of the three columns. Some cards, those written on a black background, allow you to perform two new actions.

If you choose such a card, in addition to correctly placing the personality, you can try to guess the circumstances of his death.

If you get close, you can then either: Discard one of your mistakes or give one of the cards of your choice from one of the draw piles to another player to inflict the penalty.

To discover the brief explanation of Deadlines in video, it's here:

You can even test your knowledge here, with the Deadlines quiz:

Have a good discovery, have a good day and have a good game;)


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