• International Game Fair 2020 at Cannes

    Hello everyone!

    Like every year, here it is, the International Games Festival in Cannes!

    The gathering of international gamers, publishing houses, news from the gaming world!

    Enough to make great discoveries and play until the end of the night for several days!

    Who will win the ace of gold this year?

    If you go through Cannes at this time, it's free for the public and there are different environments for the family, video games, virtual reality and of course board games. ;)

  • International game festival at Cannes 2019!

    Ah ah ah! He's approaching! Finally!

    The international games festival in Cannes where video games and board games also meet toys and various and varied activities!

    It is a paradise for players of all levels!

    If you get the chance to go, do it because it's awesome! :)

    Good day to you all!