Christmas 2020

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Hello everyone!

Christmas is coming quickly and even if it will be different this year, we will be by your side as in previous years :)

Open the Advent calendar on our Facebook page and win surprises every day!

Every Friday (and until the following Thursday), discover a new challenge and try to win a board game per week :).

The Enchanted Christmas workshops are maintained, as in previous years, but this year will be online instead of in-store, but still free :)

For manual workshops for children, we will offer you a DIY that can be done at home via a video on our Facebook page ...

For games workshops, we suggest you follow the links to free and different games every Sunday to play with us, if that sounds like you :)

Yes Christmas will be different this year, but as long as we are united and together (in person or online), we will be able to enjoy good times :)

See you soon :)

Have a nice day and have a good game;)


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