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Hello everyone!

This is our game in store and on Facebook is coming to the site!

You can participate every week! ;)

That's it, we've been open for two months!

To celebrate and accompany you from back to school until Christmas we invite you to play because we are playing the game!

To play, nothing's easier !

Every Monday, the photo of an actress or actor will be displayed in the window, on the site and on the Joue le Jeu Vaison Facebook page.

The goal is to find out who it is to earn a point.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday a new index will be unveiled in stores (in the light bubble), on the site and on the Facebook page.

Every Friday the answer will be given.

We invite you to come and find out if you have won.

You have won ? Congratulations!

Each week a multi-port adapter is to be won ...

Do you always want more ?

If you find the names of movies in which the celebrity of the week is playing (no one to take the clues otherwise it's cheating;)) you earn an extra point per movie.

Who says extra point means an extra chance to win the adapter!

No limit on points, the more you have, the more chance you have of winning!

The icing on the cake, on Friday December 21 at the end of the game, if you have the most points you will win two board games, the master island and the crazy mix!

So that we can take your points into account (whether on Facebook, on the site or in store), please give us your first and last name.

Your data will never be used by anyone except us to contact you in the event of a win.

Good game ;)

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