Uno Royal game at Joue le Jeu Vaison!

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Good evening everyone!

Here is our game of the summer (we grant you, we are a little late since July;)).

Better late than never ;)

Do you want to win the Uno Royal to play with the family, for children or grandchildren?

No need to like the store page to play, it's simple: Answer the small quiz (6 questions) special Uno in the comments of this publication so that your participation in the game is taken into account.

The draw and the announcement of the winner will take place on Friday, August 28, 2020.

Here are the questions:


1-What is the Uno?

A The beginning of the Ricky Martin song

B A game of numbers and colors cards

C This is the number "one" in Spanish.


2- In what year was the Uno created?

A 1981

B 1971

C 1961


3- How do you win at Uno?

A Shouting Uno!

B When you run out of cards.

C Never because we were told "Against Uno"


4- What second action allows the +4 card apart from making the next player draw 4 cards?

A To get angry "all red"

B To tell him "the blue words"

C Choose the new color in the game


5- Which card makes it possible to prevent another player from playing without making him draw and while keeping the same direction of play?

A The two arrows

B The crossed out circle

C The card +2


6- Mattel created the Uno game but not only:

A Un, Dos, Tres and Maria!

B Uno, Dos, Barbie.

C Uno, Dos, 6 who takes!


Who will the game we are offering you enjoy?

No last names or identifications required.

The first name (s) will be enough for us and three nice little words to describe the lucky little one (s).

We will use these sweet little words to personalize the winner (s) gift package :)

It's up to you and good game ;)


uno royal joue jeu vaison

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