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Tales and legends game

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And here are the answers from the first 7 days of play:

Little Thumb steals from the Ogre: His boots of 7 leagues

What animal does the hunter kill instead of Snow White to bring the heart back to the Evil Queen? A doe

What did Sleeping Beauty prick herself with before plunging into her long sleep? With a spindle

What fault did Riquet à la Houppe suffer from when he was born? Ugliness

Who forgot his vair slipper on the steps of a palace? Cinderella

What does the little mermaid sacrifice to get legs? Her voice

What was the donation of the donkey whose remains donkey skin bears? He produced gold coins

To whom does the Marquis de Carabas owe his good fortune? Puss in Boots

What is the name of Barbe-Bleue's last wife? We ignore it

Who was so small you could hold it in the palm of your hand? Tom Thumb

Who lived as a recluse in a high tower without a door to enter it? Rapunzel

In 'The Fairies' what service does the younger girl render to the fairy? She gives her a drink

How did Gretel get rid of the evil witch who wanted to devour them? Locking it in its own oven

In 'Beauty and the Beast', what gift does the young girl ask her father to bring back to her? A rose


Did you have it all? I had made two mistakes :).

Good Friday and tonight is the weekend!


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